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The magnificent Venetian carnival has been continued for many years in the small but famous town of Annecy in the east of France. Every year at the end of winter, the administrative center of Lower Savoy plunges into a mystical atmosphere of bright reincarnations. This cozy town, located along the shore of a beautiful mountain lake, constantly attracts many tourists, including from neighboring Switzerland. There are regularly held holidays and festivals of different levels, and this weekend on March 10-12, the city was filled by more than 300 participants of the mini carnival “Annecy Carnival” (CARNAVAL VÉNITIEN D’ANNECY).

Among the participants there were many visitors from different parts of Europe, including prizewinners of the main Venetian carnival of the past. Some models were accompanied by a whole suite – several people with photo-video equipment and various additional accessories.

It’s funny that all participants march through the old streets silently, communicating with the public only with gestures and looks, the values of which are barely perceptible under the cover of masks and make-up. However, posing models very willingly – especially stop, as soon as they see people wanting to take a picture, and gestures are invited to make a joint photo.

Local residents are also actively involved in the holiday – children and many adults dressed in masks or made colorful makeup.
Some of the characters were so impressive that you obviously do not envy those who drunk with them on the old narrow streets of the evening Annecy..

To everyone who travels in these parts I recommend to look in Annecy – especially in the warm season of the year this city is magnificent and hospitable. You can visit the old castle, whose history dates back to the VIII century, St. Peter’s Church, built in the 16th century and a small palace-island, located in the middle of the Tew Canal. And just a walk along the ancient streets with numerous cafes, or a promenade along the quay along the embankment, sure, will give you a lot of pleasures.

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