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Medical Tourism and Rehabilitation             


We are happy to offer you a Spa Resort that matches your request in the regions of our specialization – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland and the French Alps.
Certainly, West-European resorts are famous for their time-honored respectability and comfort. However, over the past 10 years, many SPA resorts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia have significantly improved their infrastructure and quality of service, which certainly increased their attractiveness for wealthy and demanding customers from all over the world. A number of SPA resorts correspond to the level of service of the highest class, and we confidently offer them to our clients.

Dental services have always been a significant expense item in the budget of European families. Even the owners of high incomes note that attending a dentist is disappointed by their high cost. We have an alternative solution for you!
For many years, residents of Western Europe and even the US have found a way out in the so-called dental tourism to the countries of the former USSR. Many private dental clinics in Belarus and Ukraine have highly qualified specialists in their staff and have the most modern dental equipment and materials in their arsenal. At the same time, the prices for their services are much lower than those of Western Europe.

Efficiently and profitable can pass recovery or rehabilitation in the sanatoriums of a beautiful and little-known country – the Republic of Belarus.
Together with our business partners, and with the support of local administrative structures, we have developed several different routes and programs for those who wishing to explore this wonderful country.
We are ready to tell you in detail about tourism, hunting, fishing and health improvement i in ecologically clean regions of Belarus and organize your trip at the highest level.

for the last 5 years, medical tourism to Eastern European countries has increased about 0

foreign guests visiting the spa resorts in Czech Republic yearly


over 750,000 Europeans are treated and rehabilitated abroad annually


foreigners rest and received treatment in Belarusian health resorts last year

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Quality dental service in Belarus

We are pleased to present you a private professional dental clinic in Belarus - Dr. Smile 🙂 The clinic has modern technological equipment and professional friendly staff, which has been working with foreign clients for a long time. Get your discount with a special program for LASKAI customers!