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Welcome to BELARUS!

LASKAI / Welcome to BELARUS!

Interesting Facts

Belarusians occupy the first place in the world by the number of visas received to the Schengen countries. Most of them are issued by Poland.


annually, belarusians receive about 700 thousand Schengen visas

Belarus is one of the most literate countries on the planet. According to the UNESCO rating, this country ranks 8th among the countries in the world.

In Belarus, 99.7 percent of literate people in the adult population 0

Basic information about country

The Republic of Belarus is located in the eastern part of Europe. It borders with the states – Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia. The country is located at the intersection of the main railways and highways, as well as a number of oil and gas systems and communication systems between Western Europe and the regions of Russia, and many Asian countries.

The Capital
Average temperature:


9.507 million (2016)

Belarusian Ruble
1BYR ∼ 0.437 EUR

207.6 thousand km2

summer +19° С to +21° С
winter -9° С to -4° С

Republic of Belarus – so unknown.. so beautiful!

Discover this beautiful country with LASKAI

Any traveler has the opportunity to discover a unique interesting country in the East of Europe.

The Belarusian tourism industry is gaining momentum every year. It includes more than 30 tourist zones, in which various directions are developing – agro tourism (eco-tourism), history and culture, hunting and fishing, medical tourism and rehabilitation, and others.

Belarus is endowed with a unique nature – this is a paradise for “green” tourists. Absence of the sea and mountains is fully compensated by impressive natural diversity. About 20 thousand rivers, 10 thousand lakes and more than 38% of the territory are covered with forests – not every European country can boast of such natural resources.

The huge agro-tourist base of Belarus offers a wide range of opportunities to break away from the city’s bustle and plunge into the natural environment. In the world, more people, tired of urbanization and technogenic colonization of the planet, are looking for peace and harmony in rural eco-tourism. In Belarus, there are many villages with an old natural way of life, in which kind hospitable people live. Picturesque rural landscapes, delightfully clean air, peasant delicacies from natural (bio) products, fresh vegetables and fruits, a steamy mole, a village bath – all these souls and bodies of joy are attracted to the Belorussian depths by local as well as many foreign tourists.

Living conditions can be chosen for every taste – from simple cozy little rooms in old country houses, to modern equipped apartments. This makes it possible for everyone to choose a holiday for their own taste, and for those who want to completely break away from civilization, and those who want to relax without interrupting their business activity.

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